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Erasmus Noticias

1ºB Celebrates Erasmus Days

Last week our students participated in several activities to celebrate The Erasmus Days.

1ºB, together with the rest of students of ESO in the school, painted flags of the countries that participate in the Erasmus Projects . We linked all our flags in garlands to decorate the corridors. It looks so nice and colourful!

On Wednesday 11th, 1ºB students formed 8 groups and took part in a Quiz about their knowledge of Europe. They did extremelly well, and showed their wit and enthusiasm. The winning group received some Erasmus Days promotional gifts. Lucky guys!!!

A big part of the students in this class also participated in a little ceremony conducted by the Headteacher, Mr Luis Egío. He explained the Erasmus for School Program and thanked the teachers that made possible this great achievement. We inaugurated our Erasmus corner and also the Erasmus Plaque that now welcomes us at the main entrance. 1ºB students sang some verses in Spanish of the Himn of Europe. They did really well! You can see the ceremony here.

I would like to thank my students for their enthusiasm and collaboration. It was a bussy week but well worth it.

Keep an eye on this web page for more news on our Erasmus+ Program!


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