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Ramón Gaya

The Artist

The Artist Ramón Gaya

The artist Ramón Gaya Pomés, was born on October 10 of 1910 in Murcia. He lived in Valencia, when he was a child he left the school for study art, at the age of 17 years he went to a School in Madrid where he presented his artwork in the gallery Aux Quatre Chemins and he met some artists. In 1966 he met his wife traveling through some Spanish cities, later he visited some European cities: Rome, Florence, Venice… In 1984 he went back to Valencia to present his artwork despite his art studies he never stopped writing. He died on October 15 of 2005 in Valencia. He started painting at 10 years old. He has been a painter for 85 years. Ramon Gaya did many works such as: Dos mujeres, la calle, la casa, las tazas…. He has presented some artworks in the Reina Sofia museum.


«La Casa By Ramón Gaya»

The artwork “La Casa” by Ramón Gaya is found in the National  Museum of Reina Sofía.This was created in 1932.

It is a type of artwork on paper and using the watercolor and ink on paper, it has dimensions of 24,5 x 32.

In this artwork there are different shapes for example: rectangular, circular and different shapes of different objects.

The subject of this artwork is of one house drawn.

In my opinion the door in the house is confusing because in supporting structure there are two doors, but it is a beautiful artwork. The colors are plain.

National Museum Reina Sofía

The Museum

The National Museum of Reina Sofía is in Madrid, this museum was created in 1992 and is open to the public in 10 september, 1992 designed by the Architect José Hermosilla.

The Open Time of the Museum is the Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays from 10 am to 21 pm. The Ticket to enter in the Museum, the basic entry costs 10€, and this is the Key Map.

The Permanent Exhibitions are for example “Cubism and experiences of Modernity”, and the temporary Exhibitions for example “Avant-Garde Networks” or “Four Molds”. The Collections for example the museum have “Figuras” By Pablo Picasso, “Miradas” By Ignasi Aballí and other more than 22.400 (twenty-two thousand four hundred) artworks.

The Museum is divided in two building the principal part Sabatini, and the second building Edificio Nouvel. We will explain only the principal building. In the Low level, in the hall you have the ticket desk, the shop, information desk and the Cloak room, after pass the hall, on the right you will find the Audio Tour the Cafe, toilets, stairs and the elevator. Next to this you have de lactance room. To the left of the hall, you will find the healthcare, stairs, and another elevator. In the first floor you have another’s two baby care, two toilets and small library room. In the second floor have another toiles and information desk to access to the second part of the museum. An in the third floor we have another small library, toilets, babycare and disabled toilet.

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