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Ramón Garza

He was born in 1948 in Murcia.He died when he was 66 years old by an incurable disease.He has three daughters. His father is the poet Federico García Izquierdo .

Ramón was a painter and a sculptor.He was an important painter in the 1970´s.He made 35 sculptures of steel,bronze and gold.In the Bellas Artes museum of Murcia there are 70 art works of him.

He didn’t like the noise so he lived in a house away from the city in the vegetable patch.He liked the cinema,the music and the literature and he loved the plastic arts.


This painting was made in 1980.

It is made of acrylic in the canva.
It represent his first studio apartament.
The main colors are blue and yellow.

The painting is in the Bellas Artes museum of Murcia.

He painted this painting of his studio apartament because he went to live from the country to the city.

It could also be because for him was a big change.


It is a museum of Murcia.It was made in 1864 and it was open to the public in 1867.Before it was an archaeological museum.

The entry is free.

It opens on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am to 2pm in the morning and in the afternoon from 5pm to 8pm. On Saturdays it open from 11am to 2pm in the morning.  

It has three floors.

-The first floor:It contains renaissance collections of religious thematic.Also it contains various authors of Murcia and a sculpture of San Francisco de Borja.

-The second floor:It exibits artworks of painters from Spain and Italy.

In this floor we can found the Gabinet with plans of la Huerta de Murcia and portraits of the kings  Felipe V, Carlos III.

-The third floor:It contains artworks of the century XIX and some of Ramón Garza.It also has sketches for the roof of the Teatro Romea.

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