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Francisco Ñíguez


His full name is Francisco Ñíguez. He was born in 1959 in Cartagena,Murcia. He lives in Murcia. His has a degree in fine art from the faculty of San Carlos de Valencia (Spain). He says: The characters are my own bening ,I can somehow confess that in them I am myself in deposit, and even in landscape I can find myself too. Since he finished his studies combines his artistic activity with teaching. he became teacher in in 1985 and became teacher at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Murcia in 2007. He has started painting in 1985, from 2019,works with a type of modern art,uses a mixed technique on wood and acrylic, and finally one of his most important exhibitions is located in Cartagena.


This artwork is called the island, which has been painted by the artist Paco Ñiguez, is located in the Muram museum. This painting has a type of modern art,uses a mixed technique on wood and acrylic. In it we see higher chromatic route, the human figure is shown in an indeterminate and at the same time poetic and mysterious environment.
In this work you can see that most of the strokes that the painter has made are curved or wavy, to give a sense of movement in the painting.
On the right side of the image there are more striking and bright colors, and on the left side the range of colors is more deactivated.
PERSONAL OPINION:(Patricia) In my opinion this artwork transmit the law of free will and for other part submission, but it depends for the form of think of the people. (Fátima) My opinion about this painting is that it is very beautiful and I also like that all the drawings have curve. (Nuria) My opinion about the painting is that I like it because it is quite detailed and once you know why it is drawn that way it looks nicer.


This museum is called Muram and is located In Cartagena It was built at the beginning of the 20th century, exactly in 1901.The museum will have from Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am. to 2pm. and from 5pm. to 8 pm on Sundays and holidays from 11am. to 2pm. The Muram museum opens Tuesdays to fridays from 10 am at 2 am, and 5pm to 7 pm. The Saturdays open from 11am to 2pm and from 5pm to 8pm. It closes also every Mondays of the year and the days 25 of December, 1 and 6 of January, day of Cartagineses y romanos and holy friday.They are free tickets It has two floors. On the first floor there is a skylight, an elevator and stairs to access the second floor. On the second floor there is a chapel and a meeting room. There are two halls. There is the viewing room and a ballroom, next to it is am office.

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