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BUCKET LIST. Things we’d like to do before kicking the bucket. (by 4º ESO B)

A few weeks ago we worked on BUCKET LISTS,

A bucket list is a list of things you want to do (such as places you want to travel to, goals you want to achieve, etc.) before your death. Setting goals is rather beneficial and even if we don’t fulfill them just having them can enrich our life in a number of ways.

Simply put, a bucket list is a collection of goals, dreams and aspirations that you would like to accomplish within your lifetime. There is no right or wrong way of designing a bucket list, no one specific prescription. It is a personal journey between you and your aspirations. Each one should be different because it is meant to reflect what you most desire in your own life.

Eat croissants in Paris, go to a Rosalía concert, eat bugs, learn to cook Greek food, travel to Pekin, ride a mechanical bull, have children… Most of us have goals and aspirations, things we have always dreamed of doing or hope we could experience in our lifetimes. Therefore, many of us already have a mental bucket list, just without the formal label.

WHY IS IT CALLED A BUCKET LIST? The term comes from the Enligh expresion «to kick the bucket» which means «to die”) + list, hence a “list of things to do before you die”. The term was used in 1999 by American and British screenwriter Justin Zackham in his screenplay for the 2007 film The Bucket List.

See here some examples of the bucket lists created by our 4ºB students. I hope they tick all the items in their lists, I believe they will be able to do all they set their mind to do! Good luck to all of you!


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