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Antonio Ballester

The full name of this artist is Antonio Ballester Les Ventes. He was born in February 15th of 1952, in Paris (France); so he’s french. Otherwise, he has spent his childhood in Franco’s Spain, and then he went back to France at the age of 18 to study at the École Supérieure D’Arts Graphiques Penninghen (Graphic Art School of Penninghen). There he studied drawing and interior architecture for three years (1970-1973).

His parents were the english Monique Les Ventes (which is located in France with the rest of his maternal family) and the famous spanish painter Mariano Ballester. He started painting at the age of the Spanish Postguerra (about 1972) by the influence of many different artists, the two countries in which he has lived and some other persons as: His father, the one who made him interested into art, his art teacher Daniel Abadie and the Photographer Pierre Sudre.

In the 80’s, he started painting on big dimension papers (and not only in óleo as he did before). Some of that big dimensions artworks were exhibited in different museums and art galleries; for example:

   · Antonio Ballester made different expositions in places like the Murcia’s Artnueve Galleries and at the Sala Verónica’s exposition church.

He has been a painter for 47 (from 1972 to nowadays). He still works in different types of artworks (drawings, sculptures and pictures because he’s into photography as well). His actual residence is in Murcia (in the south of Spain). His wife was Helene Guiseppi, she died in 2007 because of a cancer so we can say that Antonio Ballester is widower.

Some of his different artistic techniques are drawing on paper, watercolor, drawing mixed, serigraphy, with charcoal, chinese ink or acrylic and watercolor. Other artworks that he made apart from the one that we have selected are: Mujer Gris (Grey Woman), Acostada (Accost) and El Grito (The Scream).

Mujer Marrón (Brown Woman) by Antonio Ballester Les Ventes.

A painting located in the Sala Veronica’s Art Gallery made of watercolor on a canvas.

The painting shows the silhouette of a naked woman who is pulling down a rope that is in the left corner of the painting. The colours are basically tones of brown (from the lightest to the darkest one with a difuminate beige around the woman’s neck and nape), the background isn’t coloured. It has two different textures: the actual texture, which is related with the materials that the artist has used (watercolors and a canvas), so it’s soft and smooth; and the implied or visual texture, this is the texture that the painting is trying to represent, so we could say that it’s also soft and pretty plain in this case.
We think that the painting is trying to represent the effort and the strength of the woman in the society with that metaphorical scene. From our point of view, this painting is pretty plain like the other ones of the painter. However, the message that the painting is trying to transmit is complex and the form of the silhouette of the woman is detailed and realistic.

It was painting in 2008.
It’s a unique piece edition with a perfect condition.
The sizes of the illustration are 176x127cm.

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